Everyone has tough times, but focusing on the positive, and good, helps

  As another year of high school winds down, and the senior class prepares for graduation, the time for reflection sets in.

  High school is the time and place for meeting new people, experiencing new things, and being able to attempt and fail safely. There are a few inevitable encounters that happen during these four years that make people who they are once they cross the stage at graduation. Drama, rumors, and good old fashioned hanging out with friends.

  •   School spirit and participation in school events is something special. Going to a football game or a talent show are some of the memories that will stick out once students walk out the front doors for the last time. Never regret participating in school events, no matter what they may be.
  •   High school is not meant to be easy. It is meant to help prepare you for the days ahead and try to guide you to a path that will bring you happiness and success in the future. Those teachers that are influential in helping students find their passions and make them believe in themselves, are some of the best kinds of people to know. They’re realistic, yet encourage students to have faith in themselves and have hopes that their students set out to accomplish their goals.
  •   Fighting with friends is never easy, but it happens to almost everyone when they’re in high school. During the fights and arguments, it may seem like the end of the world, and worst of all, the end of a friendship. But before you call it quits, take a minute and remember the good times. The times of hanging out at their house and doing absolutely nothing, or spending a summer day at the lake. Sometimes the fight is worth the makeup.
  • Being able to meet new people and find new friends throughout high school is truly incredible. There are warnings everywhere about being careful about choosing friends, and being sure to not pick the wrong crowd. You become your friends. Picking up on their good study habits or a phrase they use often is perfectly normal, but if they begin to skip class, or fall way behind on assignments causing grades to plummet, maybe reconsider. There’s plenty of time in high school to make new friends and find new people to talk to, and try to find a group with similar goals and aspirations.

  Often times, people are eager to graduate high school and move on to work, the military, college, or some other endeavor. Remember, the high school days don’t last forever. The more these days are wished away, the more they’re missed. High school is a once in a lifetime experience, make it count.