Teacher plans to run miles to fill food pantry

Teacher plans to run miles to fill food pantry

Jameson Morgan, Reporter

50 miles in  8 hours. That is what Social Studies Teacher Brad Seeley will do in order to raise money for the food pantry here at school on Wednesday June 5th starting at noon. Senior Isaiah Winowiski and Herbie Richardson planned this event with the help of Mr. Seely.

This was inspired by their through their class Innovation and Creation, in which students were given the platform to create and the resources to make their ideas come true. Isaiah and Herbie were inspired after learning about the cyclical nature of pantries. During times like Holiday’s and winter, the food pantry is full and near capacity. But during spring and summer, the food pantry runs low and needs donations.

“In the past year, the number of families who use the food pantry has doubled from 30 to 60,” Said Winowiski. They sought to fill a need in the community, and given the chance to do something in their class, did so.

Mr. Seeley approached them, being an experienced ultra-marathon runner and someone who wanted to do something, the group then formulated the plan. While they had to change a lot of things from what they started out with, the process was very enjoyable.

“The process was a roller coaster,”  said Richardson . Originally, the plan was to have people donate food or boxes for every mile that Seeley ran. Also, no one was going to run with him.

Now their are going to be runners with him every step of the way, and raffles online.  The scheme and grandness of the whole event has seemed to pass any figments of the students imagination. They have already raised over $1,000 before the event has started and are going to raise a lot more once the event starts. Food donations will be collected. All of this in an effort to feed the hungry at DC Everest this summer.

This entire project and journey has been a learning process for all those involved as they learned about hunger, event planning, logistics, the community and themselves. More importantly, they learned that two people can make a difference in any issue, or even one can make. Their ability to affect change has inspired them

“It was really eye opening realizing everything we did  for the first time,” Said Winowiski. But now that they have the event planned, they figure on running the event annually, to keep raising resources and funds for the food pantry here at DC Everest.