Variety Show dazzles audience

Amber Marten, Editor

     “It’s just something that I have wanted to do,” said junior Beau Jordan of participating in the 2019 Variety Show. “I have always dome piano stuff in the past, but every year I try and come up with something ‘One-up’ from the one I did last year.”

  Jordan said the way he would ‘one up’ from last year, with just a piano solo, would be to add his voice along with the piano this time. And when he was going to audition, he had changed the song choice an hour before he was supposed to go on stage.

  “Singing in front of people is something I have not done in the past, so I was a little surprised. And I was very relieved because I was so stressed out about it leading up to it [the audition],” said Jordan.

  Jordan said he was very excited about the show.

  “I am hoping for a good reaction, but I am just excited to see what they think,” said Jordan. He got that good reaction from the audience.

  Another act included in the show is dancing, and with seven different dances happening, senior Johnny Xiong is delighted and grateful for having this moment on stage for a Thai dance, when this is his last year in high school.

  “I was thinking since it is my final year here, senior year, I was thinking that I wanted to participate and do something with the show, rather than just sitting back and do nothing about it,” said Xiong.

  For the idea of the dance, Xiong and some friends met in January to prepare for the dance audition, and they worked together to make the steps and moves for it, along with thinking of some of the costume work.

  Throughout the year, some of the dancers’ schedules became hectic and busy, making it hard to practice a lot and get together.

  “My friends and I are board members of the club YLA, and we were busy doing YLA during those few months. And we couldn’t get our dance done because we were busy doing YLA stuff,” said Xiong.

  With all of the hectic schedules and meetings for YLA, Xiong said they were still able to put the dance together, audition for it, and get selected to perform at the Variety Show. And the whole group feels confident in the dance.  

  “I was really excited,” said Xiong of the audition. “I felt like I wasn’t confident in myself, and now I feel like I can think positive, because we worked so hard for it.”

  Talent comes in all shapes and colors, anything from singing, dancing, and even rocking out with an ensemble of instruments. The D.C Everest Variety Show is the place for students to show off their skills and be proud of what they can do.