Students leaving class for sports

Roberto Matarazzo, Reporter

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  Teachers have a lot of struggles with students leaving school early, especially for the afternoon classes teachers. Many students leave early because they play sports and the most of their meets are planned for 4:00 pm and they need to be prepared.

  In 2011, a study was done by U.S News stating that 55.5 percent of high school schoolers play a sport.

   Athletes always agree to the fact that school comes first before sports and they do not like to leave early because it is hard to make up for the same class if you are missing it every week.

  This is a problem for the teachers that have to work extra to make sure that those students do not have any backlog and this also isn’t fear for the kids that instead stay in class and continue to do their work. There are also teachers that are engaged in sports too and they have the same problem of the students.

  Teachers don’t like this situation and also do not like being interrupted during the lesson because the students need to leave.

  Mrs. Whitsett, English teacher,  has 11th period where on one day had a planned activity with groups assigned, but the most of the students weren’t there so she had to reset the groups. Sometimes it happens that almost half of the class leave for sports. She thinks it is more frustrating for the students because it stresses them. She understands the reason why they have to leave early but she thinks it is too stressful for the students that have to come earlier to school or during ELT to finish their work.

  ‘Having ELT is helpful because when we did not use to have it, it was harder, students had to come during lunch. At least having ELT gives a big opportunity to keep up with their classes,” Whitsett said.    She has a lot of students that do track and they missed a lot. They talked to her and they said that they were very stressed also because they have AP exams and they have to study a lot and excel in sport, too.

  “I do not really understand when they miss the whole day, though.” But she says that it’s not their fault and she always tries to help them in some way.

  In my opinion there isn’t a real solution at this problem because students need to be ready to compete before the meet, and the only way is to leave early or simply just move the time to a time more feasible.

  I am in Track and Field and I don’t really like to leave early because I don’t want to bother the teacher, and I think that this is a general opinion.