Scholarships for summer enrichment programs

Breanna Narlock, Editor

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  Students recently had the opportunity to receive funding for academic activities over the summer.

  Students had the opportunity to apply for funding for an activity/camp to participate in over the summer. The committee who make the decisions made up of administrators, including Principal Mike Reather shares insight on the process of applying for the grant.

  “We as administrators sit down and we will look for teacher input if we need it but ultimately the goal is to give kids based upon how much they need, with some support and we look at a students financial situation,” said Mr. Raether.

  Support for the enrichment programs comes from an anonymous donor within the community looking to fund student learning.

“We have an anonymous donor who gives a significant amount of money for students to be able to participate in an academic enrichment activities to give them support if they need it,” said Mr. Raether.

  Experiencing a summer enrichment program is important to growing a students mind, which is why it is very important for the school district and donors to support students and summer camps.

“Typically students will write a somewhat brief report on their experience and kind of their reflection piece, then the donator looks at those pieces,” said Mr.Raether. “I pick a few to send to the granter with a huge thank you for supporting our students and to show how cool it is with the opportunities students get to experience, and truly thank you for your support.”