Spring is here, road craters appear

Heather Voll, Editor

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  That time of year is upon us once again; the snow begins to melt and temperatures inch their way above 30 degrees. The only thing that could make this transitional period between winter and spring better is having the roads break apart underneath our tires. Yes, I am talking about potholes.     

  Potholes are nature’s way of telling us that spring has sprung, and that you’re not paying enough attention to the road ahead of you. Here in good old Wausau, we see the same thing every year in early March.  

  Although nature gives us her own potholes, we get some as a result of burst water pipes that lie beneath the roads. If any D. C. Everest student comes to school by car or bus, many of them could attest to the fact that driving down Alderson Street in Weston is basically like boarding and riding a roller coaster every morning and afternoon. To make driving to school a little worse, the ongoing construction at school has eliminated some teacher parking spaces which ultimately causes teachers to park back by the administration building, taking away some spots from students in the mornings.

  On Alderson Street, a water main break caused the major pothole in the middle of the road, right in front of the school building. Now, a casual drive home after school turns into swerving around the road, attempting to dodge massive potholes that could cause damage to our cars.

  Issues like bent wheels and steering being out of alignment can stem from hitting one too many potholes on your daily commute.  

  This spring, make sure you take caution when driving around potholes and check your vehicle if you happen to hit any.