Fishing team places in state championship

Amber Marten, Editor

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The D.C Everest Fishing Team placed 28th out of 92 teams in the 2019 WIFA State High School Ice Fishing Championship, which was held in Lacrosse, Wis. Besides the team’s placing, three members were awarded individual awards for their overall season.

  Senior Thomas Hessil and Brandon Peterson were awarded a Master Angler award while they were at the championship event. Senior Logan Spice was awarded 2018-19 Master Angler of the year award, a moment, he says, he has been working towards for over a year.

  “I was happy that I got the Master Angler, because I had worked for the whole year for it,” said Spice. “I spent a lot of time and weekends on in.”

  Spice said he had set that first place goal for himself after he had gotten third place Master Angler of the Year last year, and he continued to work hard to get where he is today.

  “It was pretty cool,” said Hessil. “I mean, there are only so many kids that got the award, and it’s kinda hard to catch so many fish to get it.”

  The team celebrated their success as a whole back at their hotel after the award ceremony was over. But that celebration was short, for the team had to wake up early in the morning to go out and start fishing once again.

  Spice said, he and Hessil will be joining the Fishing Teams at their colleges after high school, where they will begin to fish in a league.

  “It doesn’t carry [onto college] but you can still fish at a college level,” said Spice.

  When receiving the awards, Spice said he thanked his parents for supporting him throughout his fishing career.

  “They put in a lot of time with me. I am always using my dad’s boat and using his truck to get the boat places. I thanked my mom for letting me do that too, because every weekend when we would go out fishing, we would just throw our junk in the house and it would be a mess all over the place,” said Spice.

  Spice’s brother was thanked, along with the coaches and his team members.

  Some of the other events the Fishing Team is involved with are the Wisconsin River Clean-Up, and a Special Needs Fishing outing, both events will be active in the spring.

  “A lot of the stuff we do is to get some kids to get involved,” said Spice. “You will do and outing and maybe you will snag three or four kids from each one, and slowly but surely we will get more and more and more, which is good.”