Where are they now: Mr. Muraski

Jameson Morgan, Reporter

  Mr. Muraski, a well-loved teacher for a long time at D. C. Everest Senior High, retired last year.

Life without school, without bells and students walking into his classroom throughout the day is a transition for Muraski, but he said he is enjoying his time off.

“For the first time in 40 years I have gotten to enjoy the fall colors and be outside during the day. As for when its the winter, Muraski also likes to a part of schools action so he substitute teaches.

Muraski said he enjoyed being involved in school organizations and teaching highly requested courses like Crime and Justice. Now that he has time to reflect on his career, he believes what he most missed about teaching was the students. The students always made it easy to teach, and even made it enjoyable.

“The interaction I had with my students—- I only teach seniors [which] allowed us to have an adult to adult conversation,” he said. Students enjoyed that interaction, and he said that fostered allowed them to have great discussions in the classroom. The discussions that he has had with his coworkers is another thing that he misses.

Now lacking the ability to shoot the breeze with his fellow teachers everyday, when every time he substitute teaches Muraski takes the opportunity to check in with teachers such as Mr. Tinjum and Mr. Strick.

“When you spend as much time with them as I did, you miss the opportunity to chat up your colleagues,” he said after a conversation with some of his coworkers. They probably have much to talk about, because they all lead active lives, he added.

When Mr. Muraski is not subbing, he enjoys attending sporting events and being active in politics. Mr. Muraski was well known for his support for the legalization of medical marijuana, which Governor Tony Evers also supports.