Senior recounts volleyball seasons

Jameson Morgan, Reporter

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  Thinking about the completed volleyball season, senior Ellie Larson has a smile on her face. The past season will be one that she will not soon forget.

“I had an excellent time bonding with teammates all throughout the season,” Larson said.

   While practices may have started in August, the team had long been improving their game and forming friendships which will last outside the lines of the volleyball. They had many fun excursions including those to junior teammate Maisie Gelhar’s cabin.

  “We had a wonderful time playing games and making desserts- which were excellent,” said Larson. This year was a change from their regular trip to the photographer Dave Junion’s cabin.

   The preseason connection paid off big time in the season. While the record may not have reflected it, they had a very good team this year.

  “Every day was enjoyable and games were fun,” said Larson, as the team battled this season. While the practices and tough work on the volleyball court is done for her now, she does have some advice for her teammates.

   “Work hard every day and be a committed team player,” said Larson. Even though she invested a lot of toil and pain into volleyball, it will be something that she misses long after her playing days are over. Her friends she hopes to keep to outside of the game.

   “Our bond is greater than volleyball. Volleyball was just a common interest of ours,” said Larson.

  Seeing that volleyball had such a profound impact on her life, she would one day look forward to spreading joys of volleyball to others if she was given the chance.   Larson admits that she enjoyed being on the court with her teammates and said she will miss sharing the experience with them.

   Now that the season is over, Ellie Larson, in addition to being a full-time student, enjoys working at Tine and Cellar with her brother Jack.