Fishing team nets sponsor

Brianna Narlock, Editor

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D.C. Everest Senior High School fishing team is the first high school fishing team to be sponsored by Bait Mate.

  Bait Mate is a company geared towards making stronger and affordable equipment along with supporting college fishing teams. It is a family run business in Wisconsin.

  “We are the first and only high school team to be sponsored by Bate Mait. ” Said Fishing Team Supervisor, Joel Deboer.

  It is a honor to be sponsored by a well known company. The support includes payments to go towards future events along with free products.

    “We will receive a lot of free products from the company. We will get hats and stickers and other cool stuff. We will be able to get some other gear that we will wear at fishing events, and we get to share photos with gear and the fish we catch and represent them at any events we go to,” said Deboer

  The team will receive two payments from Bait Mate.

  “We will receive two separate payments, one in January and one in May which will go towards a future events. The money will help offset the cost of housing, and food, which is greatly needed, and as I was talking to them, I was asking if you could help it would be greatly appreciated, so after a contract was drafted and approved, so we have some standards we have to follow but now we are sponsored,” said Deboer.

  To keep the sponsorship, the main guideline the team has to follow is being respectful at events and not ruff housing around and to just make sure that Biat Mate’s company does not look bad based on action of students.

  “I think that it is really amazing to be sponsored by Bait Mate, and all the free gear that we will be receiving and the products is really helpful for upcoming events,” said Fishing Team Supervisor Peter Thorpe. “And we get one-thousand dollars to go towards our future event.