Why we need to respect others’ opinion

Amber Marten, Editor

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  The definition of ‘argument’, according to Google, is “an exchange of diverging or opposing views, typically an angry or heated one.”

  The type if ‘debating’ society has portrayed in our everyday life, is not debating at all. The whole situation that people are conflicted about, turns into yelling and just trying to talk over one another. Or, it is people trying to prove their opinions are right when they haven’t heard or read all of the options that may be given to them.

  So what is the difference between arguing and debating?

  While in the definition of ‘debate’ it talks about arguing, but the difference is, it is in a formal matter. Which means, an individual listens to the opposing views, and then gives their opinion on whatever matter it is they are discussing. For an argument, it usually means there are two individuals that are just spewing their opinions without listening to the other person, or people.

  So, with these ideas in mind, depending on how you address the situation, it can greatly impact how you portray yourself when you are in a confrontation with others.

  With the types of confrontation out of the way, it is also important to realise that everyone has different views on different things. And there is a line between having a well heard opinion, and shoving your opinion down other’s throats. The line between the two is growing exceedingly thin with the suddenly heavy confrontation the government is in, and the idea of just letting opinions go is not an option for some people. If a person sends off their opinion as being the absolute right way for the situation, it will quickly turn into a heated argument that will lead to nowhere.

  Taking a more thought out approach, each person will tell their opinion, or their side of the story. And, if you as an individual, think about their statement as an opinion and not a definite solution, it will change the way someone thinks or debates about the situation.

  So how do we start respecting others opinions? We start listening. If you were to listen, or have someone else just listen to you, you will be able to hear all of the aspects of that issue being addressed and may find some similarities between the two opinions.