Thrift shopping rises in popularity

Amber Marten, Editor

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  Would you rather, buy a name brand shirt for twenty dollars, or the same brand name shirt for five?

  This kind of question is a no brainer. Teens and young adults are becoming more aware of the convenience of thrift stores and thrift shopping, and how they can save money by buying slightly used clothing.

  The manager at Dime and Dollar Thrift Store in Wausau, Ms. Jamie Pospyhalla, said that her store has definitely seen an increase in teens and young adults buying goods at her store. She is amazed at all of the ideas that some teens come up with when trying to pick out clothing, so they can turn their articles of clothing into something trendy and new.

  “It’s pretty fun because it is for everyone and everyone can think of their style and what they like to wear. And they can just go in and search for it, it is kind of like treasure hunting,” said D.C. Everest senior, Maggie Maahs.

  Ms. Pospyhalla said Dime and Dollar gets new clothing and goods daily by donations, and most of the clothing the store gets is up to date and in great condition.

  “It’s a lot cheaper,” said Maahs. “And, nowadays, why would you buy something new for forty dollars when you could buy something for eight?”

  Thrift shopping used to be frowned upon years ago and was hardly talked about in everyday conversations with adults, let alone teenagers and young adults. Now, with the rise in popularity, thrift shopping seems to be suggested rather than discouraged.

  “I was like ‘ugh, thrift shopping that is people’s used clothes,” said Maahs. “But it is becoming more accepted and with people donating these big brands, it’s a no brainer, so why not?”

  Maahs said the style that is in trend right now is the eighties and nineties clothing, and that is what she looks for when she goes thrift shopping.

  Ms. Pospyhalla said Dime and Dollar doesn’t just take donated clothing, they also take donated appliances, furniture, knick knacks, and more. Sometimes she encourages donors to bring in their unsold garage sale items to donate to her store. She also said, with the donated appliances, it is easy to buy furniture for a whole living room for around fifty dollars, rather than spending hundreds for one pieces of furniture.

  “Overall, I think thrift shopping is a pretty fun opportunity for people to express themselves in unique ways,” said Maahs. “There is such a wide array of clothing and styles, so if you have a certain brand you like, or a certain style you like, you can just go and find some.”


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