Beaker app: science lab on your phone

Benjamin Van Setters, Reporter

In the world of public schools, there was always very little that students could do to go beyond their classrooms and experiment with their ideas and imagination. However, as time has progressed, free, accessible apps have become available to schools as funding allows for new computers and tablets.

  One of these apps is called Beaker—an app that turns your device into a virtual lab that allows you to experiment with over 150 different chemicals. You can test the reactions of different compounds. Beaker makes elements, compounds and basic dyes available for lab experiments and has chemical and physical reactions down to the point with their application of real world science.

  Beaker also has many different options for experimenting with reactions, as it allows for you to light a match after you swipe and hold with your finger, or to hold and swipe lets the user use a hot plate for heating chemicals. For gases, you can use a lid to contain and mix them, and when your done with the reaction, just turn your device upside down to empty all of the content out of the beaker.

  Not only are the reactions solid (pun intended), but the overall design of Beaker is exceptional as well. The idea of having the entire lab in a beaker is innovative and creates an easy to use interface that allows for you to simply grab chemicals from sub menu, and drop them into your beaker with no hassle required. And with all of your experimentation happening on one screen, there isn’t much to be overwhelmed with as your cleanup is as simple as turning the device upside down.

  Beaker is a very innovative and easy solution to chemistry outside of the classroom, and can be used by students as a learning platform as well as a recreational platform. However, this begs the question: could this digital realm be incorporated into the chemistry classroom.