“A Star Is Born” ‘Classic of pop culture’

Used under the Common Creative Law, imaged sourced from IMDb

Used under the Common Creative Law, imaged sourced from IMDb

Alli Heckert, Reporter

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  After months of viewer anticipation, and a forty-two year break since last remake starring Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand,theaters were flooding with movie goers Oct. 5, during opening week of the new release of “A Star Is Born”.

  Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga transform the big screen, paying homage to the previous film by recreating the evocative rockstar love story between characters Jackson Maine and Ally, whose last name remains a mystery throughout the film. Directed and re-written by Cooper, this film allows the audience to have a peeled glance into the lives of famed musicians who embody sex, drugs, and rock & roll.

 While the original film debuted in 1937, the plot has changed to reflect the Hollywood scene at that time.  Essentially, the movie focused around the trials Janet Gaynor’s character Esther Blodgett faces as she rises to movie star fame in post-Great Depression America. Remade in 1954 starring Judy Garland, it became a musical about Garland’s characters struggles with her transition into stardom.

 Two decades later, the 1976 remake film introduced the storyline of two musicians falling into a reckless love while having competing careers, completely ditching the troupe of a young actress trying to make it on the big screen. Now, with the most recent installment in the franchise continues the plot of musicians with colliding careers, it brings a younger generation an important message of recognizing hard work and struggles in every aspect of life.

 After a drunken encounter, Ally and Jackson fall into a hurried relationship that is fueled by substance abuse and fame. While the story unfolds, it becomes clear that these characters are more than their celebrity personas. The film delves into typically unspoken topics, such as substance abuse, suicide, and poverty, which leave the  theatre atmosphere thick and uncomfortable. Seeing Lady Gaga’s character rise to cultural prominence while battling not only her inner troubles, but her significant other’s as well, brings the theme of the celebrities that stand on pedestals, are simply, the same breed as those who placed them in the spotlight.

  Scenes of emotional turmoil with  exposing angles immerse the audience in the raw story surrounding the characters. Scenes including  nudity, suicide, and substance use, the mood of the theater is left stifled and quiet. Film sequences tie in aspects of trauma and make the fictitious tale seem real. Ally’s ascension to fame mixed with the downfall of Jackson’s career creates a lasting impact on the audience.

  According to IMDb, as of Oct. 25 the movie had grossed $134,577,400 at the box office.   Earning a 90 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it is clear that the movie was well received by audiences and critics. Being the third remake, A Star Is Born had rather large shoes to fill, and that it did.

  The film creates a sense of love and loss, and because of the emotion and the raw characterization,this movie earns four out of five stars. The missing star is due to the rapid plot, missing storyline, and it felt like there was more room to expand on the relationship between Cooper and Gaga’s characters.

  Overall, the movie poses a platform for an important discussion on idolization and the pressure of society, and will remain a classic pop culture for many years to come.