Venom movie review

"When Eddie Brock acquires the powers of a symbiote, he will have to release his alter-ego "Venom" to save his life." Photo sourced from IMDb.

Amber Marten, Editor

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  Imagine coming home from work, suddenly feel the urge to devour anything and everything in your house. Nothing is safe from the wrath of your demonic and uncontrollable hunger, anything from rotten chicken in the trash to frozen foods in the fridge. But with your human body not able to digest the mix of some foreign and familiar contents you are consuming, you race to the bathroom and hurl everything you just consumed into the toilet. Unable to figure out what is happening to your body afterwards, you wash your face in the sink. However, when you look at your reflection, it is not your face at all, but a jet black visage with the texture of sliding slime, long jagged teeth, and a red slippery tongue that slips out of its mouth. And the reflection introduces himself as Venom.

  That was the wake up call Eddie Brock had in the Marvel movie ‘Venom’.

  Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), is an investigative journalist for a news company in San Francisco, Cali. For one of Brock’s interviews, he is supposed to speak to the CEO of Life Foundation, where rumors are spreading around that the corporation, after an expedition to an unexplored planet, is hosting alien life forms that can dissolve into the human body and make that body invincible against any disease. The public becomes concerned when multiple people begin to go missing when they go in for human trials. When Brock does an interview with the CEO of Life Formation, Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), he crosses the line and begins to ask questions that were not on script, and he ends up losing his job along with his fiance, who worked for Life Foundation.

  During a failed attempt on breaking into the Life Foundation laboratory, trying to prove the facts he gave to the public, Eddie Brick suddenly grows ill when a patient attacks him in the lab before he escapes. Back at home, he is terrified when he comes face to face with the ‘parasite’, or symbiote, that took over his body when the patient attacked him.  

  Now, with the help of his symbiote, also known as Venom, Eddie has to track down and find the other symbiote that escaped the ship after the exploration.

   The relationship between Eddie and Venom is not at all portrayed as a Jackal and Hyde relationship. In fact, their relationship has a comical aspect compared to the stereotypical supervillain or superhero action film. Throughout the film, Venom is very sarcastic or comical with most of the actions or comments that Eddie does. Eddie, on the other hand, is very cautious and terrified once he finds out what Venom can do and how he does things.

  The climax in this movie begins when the other symbiote, later known as Riot, dissolves into Carlton Drake. Riot then explains how he is going to have more symbiotes come to Earth to devour everything and everyone. Drake, desiring the feeling of power, agrees to help Riot with his plan. When Venom and Brock find out about the plan, they are the only ones that are able to match the power of Riot and Drake to try and stop them.

 Both the plot and the characters were well thought out due to the change of hearts that some characters experience eventually. In the beginning of the movie Venom has a ‘seek and destroy’ attitude, and progressing into the movie he seems to want to help Eddie rather than just use him as transportation.

  Another aspect of the film is the slight glimpse of the female Venom. Marvel fans who watched got a peek at what the ‘bride’ of Venom would look like. Multiple comics have been created with the theory that Venom has a bride, and seeing this in the motion picture definitely gave more support for the theory.

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