Athlete of the month: Isaiah Winowiski

Isaiah Winowiski running towards the finish line. Photo courtesy of Zach Rahn.

Isaiah Winowiski running towards the finish line. Photo courtesy of Zach Rahn.

Samuel Davisson, Reporter

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Senior Isaiah Winowiski is a very fast cross country runner.  His PR (as of 10/6/18) for the 5k race is 16:26.5. This time established him as the winner of the 2018 Old Abe Invitational meet.  The Jet asked him a few questions about his passion for cross country.

Q: Your current PR is 16:26, what do you hope to get it to by the end of the season?

A:  I hope to get it under 16:20 because that’s the cutoff time for regional qualification.

Q: How are you preparing for your upcoming meets?

A: Just training smart, focusing a lot, and taking care of my body.

Q: Being a senior, has this season been an emotional one?

A: I’m normally not an emotional guy, but this is my last season with these guys, and I started getting a little emotional.

Q: Are there any athletes from other schools that have been competition or pace setters for you?

A: Yes, there are three guys from three different schools.  Chad Franz from Stevens Point, Ryan Hartman from Wausau West, and Joseph McKee from Marshfield.

Q: Is cross country the only sport you do?

A: No, I’m also in track and swimming.

Q: How long have you been running?

A: I’ve been running since 6th grade.

Q: How did you get into it [distance running]?

A: I used to want to play football.  I ran a duathlon with my friend ben. He did the biking part and I did the running part.  I ran a 5:30 or 5:40 mile in 5th grade. After that my parents said I should try cross country instead of football.

Q: Is is hard balancing school, sports, and the rest of life?

A: It used to be a challenge, but now I balance a job, homework, and cross country pretty easily