“Forest” brings school spirit to games

Breanna Narlock, Reporter

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   A new student led group called The Forest is a group of mostly seniors visiting sporting events, cheering on the team and raise school spirit with students.

    A typical question asked is how students are selected, what the process is, and who makes all the decisions for The Forest.

  “There is no process to picking who is on the Forest. It is typically my senior leaders or student athletes. It is just the seniors who want to be in that group,” said athletic director James Sekel.

   The Forest goes to most of the sporting events that they are able to, usually trying to stop at all the active games if possible.

  It is mainly football, hockey, and volleyball games that we normally go to, said senior Jordan Tatro.

  For The Forest, having a good amount of school spirit is never guaranteed, which makes it hard for the crowd to get happy and to keep the player’s spirits up which is why cheering is important.

  “It depends on the game, but Alex Stumpner. He is a good signal. When Stumpy is hype, everyone is hype, and sometimes it is hard not knowing if it is good, but the mood of Stumpy and the players will let you know,” said Tatro.

  A unique side to the formation of the team comes from junior Gabe Carter. Under normal circumstances only seniors are a part of the group, but Carter has been, and is still participating with the group performing push-ups at football games and cheering with the rest of the group.

 “The first game there was no one down there [cheering] so everyone told me to get down there, and I did. And I have just been doing it ever since then,” said Carter. “When I do the push-ups, I do the amount that the team scores.”

  For the junior and senior classes, school spirit comes more naturally. Having been at the high for longer makes it easier to understand school spirit and ultimately participate more, said Tatro.

 “It is different for sophomores because they are new to the building so they are not really used to the building, so it is hard for them to have school pride, but as juniors and seniors we really grow into it,” said Tatro.