Operation Finale: movie review

Scott Gerrits, Guest Reporter

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  The year is 1960. World War ll is over and most of the senior members of the Nazi party have been placed on trial at Nuremberg. Only Adolf Hitler, Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Goebbels escape justice by committing suicide.

  Any other surviving members of the Nazi regime escape Europe. Almost two decades later, nearly everyone has seemingly stopped wondering what has happened to the surviving members of the Third Reich.

  Everyone except Israel. The people of the Jewish nation have been tasked to find and hunt down leading member of the Nazi regime. After receiving a tip from one of their people in Argentina, they have a lead on one of the greater enemies to the Jewish people, Adolf Eichmann (Ben Kingsley), the man responsible for the slaughter of 6 million Jewish people and anyone else the Reich persecuted.

  Knowing how many of their brothers and sisters were lost to the Holocaust, they jump at the opportunity to bring him to justice to the world. The Israel agency puts together a group of their best agents to capture Eichmann.

  Peter Z. Malkin (Oscar Isaac) Rossi (Nick Kroll) Hanna (Mélanie Laurent) and six other agents, are assembled to bring Eichmann to justice.  Every one of the agents have lost someone to the Holocaust and know just how important Eichmann’s capture is. If they succeed they will bring their murderer to justice, if they fail, Eichmann escapes justice forever.

  I found this movie to be extremely good and well executed. The movie gave more life into the  story of how Eichmann was found and captured. Fantastic acting by Kingsley, Isaac, and Laurent, however Kingsley’s portrayal of Adolf Eichmann to be outstanding and quite ironic in this movie.

Kingsley has portrayed Jewish survivors of the holocaust, such as Otto Frank in “Anne Frank: The Whole Story”, Itzhak Stern from “Schindler’s List,” and Simon Wiesenthal from “Murderers Among Us.”  “Schindler’s List” hits its 25th anniversary on Dec. Overall, I enjoyed this movie very much, and give it two thumbs up. I would highly recommend it for all the history buffs.

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