Wrenching on it: senior runs Mac’s Auto Repair Shop

Samantha Baltzell, Editor

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  Owning a business at a young age is never an easy situation, but when your friends are by your side, nothing is impossible. Mitch Watters, senior at D.C. Everest Senior High, is the primary owner of Mac’s Auto, a car repair shop. He works there with his partner Cole Salzman, D.C. Everest graduate, and a few of his friends.

 “I was always working on vehicles and my truck needed work so I started working on it every now and then,” said Watters. “I got really good at working on vehicles so I started helping my buddies with their work and then Mac’s Auto was born.”

   For Watters, the money does not solely come from the work. He advertises his business by selling hats. His goal is to continue pushing his business and create items like t-shirts, hoodies, and bumper stickers as well.

  “I read some good studies about advertising and I thought hats might be a good idea, so we made hats in the summer and started selling them,” said Watters. “We put a slogan on the hats that became very controversial at school, but the hats have taken off and now our name is really out there.”

  While business may be booming now, once Watters goes off to college, he feels like things might slow down a little bit.

  “I’ll definitely be going to college for sure and Mac’s Auto might slow down a little bit when that happens so we might just do work in the summer to keep it going,” said Watters. “We’re local, we’re trying to help kids out with their vehicles, and we’re just out here having a good time during our senior year.”

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