Editorial: Living in the moment

Drawn by Amber Marten.

Drawn by Amber Marten.

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What if we didn’t have to go to school? What if we didn’t have to have a job? What if parents stopped pressuring their children to excel in school, and focus on life? What if we started to take time off and really enjoy being present in the moment?

  Life is stressful. There is a constant pressure to succeed and be exceptional, but that pressure and those expectations take away from the moments we are living in. However, it is not just the fact that students have expectations, it is also due to the fact that we are stuck in the past and the future.
  We have all been victims of time. We sit thinking of past events, wondering what we could have changed or wondering of what people thought about us while it happened. The same can be said for the past about thoughts of what could be happening in a future event.

  While we should not be constantly thinking about past occurances or future actions, we should still let them sit in the back of our minds without letting them consume us. It’s important that we find the balance between the two along with other instruments of life.

  We overload different sections in our worlds, such as our work schedules or our school schedules, which can cause us to forget about other important sections such as our social lives. For example, everyone needs a balance of work and life. If you focus too much on work, your work becomes your life.

  Enjoying the moment and being present doesn’t just come all at once. It takes time to get out of the past and stop thinking about the future. Avoiding screen related activities and focusing on subjects other than school like a simple day dream, picking up a new hobby, reading something new, or spending time with family are great ways to focus on the present.

  Being mindful of how we are in the world is just as important as being in the moment. The two things are similar, but different at the same time. Being in the moment revolves more around being present whereas being mindful is being aware of something.

  If you’re walking through the park and you see a bush full of flowers, you can be in the moment by seeing the bush and walking past it. If you’re being mindful or aware of your surroundings, you can see the bush and go take a picture of a flower or take some time to look for more flowers, maybe you can even take some time to smell them.

  The two things connect with each other and we should be dependent on both of those mentalities in order to create a time to remember.

  Taking time out of your day to relax and forget about your day is a great way to put yourself into a new moment as well. It is also a wise idea to be a little spontaneous and get out there. We have one life and we should enjoy it without stress.

  In high school, it is especially important to be living in the moment. So many things pass by us every single day that we miss out on, but we never really realize it. However, can living in the moment create more problems?

  The D.C. Everest Senior High School holds classes from 7:32 a.m. to 2:40 p.m. During that entire day we have to sit in desks, or at tables, and focus on the material being taught. However, if we are too caught up with being present in the moment to be learning, what does that do to our grades? It could potentially offset future college plans and could ruin job opportunities. If we do not utilize the aspect of looking ahead into the future, our lives could potentially be worse off.

  Possibilities in the world are endless, and we should not miss a single one of them solely because we are distracted. It is difficult to constantly live in the moment because we are stuck in the past and the future, but we need those two things at the same time in order to keep creating new memories and living our lives.

  In the end, the choices we make are up to us. We decide how we live and what we choose to focus on. We can either enjoy the moment and be present, or we can focus on the past and look towards the programmed future.

  Everyone is different, so what will your focus be?