Athlete of the month April: Natalie Mohring Q&A

Striking form, Natalie Mohring prepares to launch a shotput.

Audrey Kemp

Striking form, Natalie Mohring prepares to launch a shotput.

Breanna Narlock

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What sports do you play and why did you join?

I’m in basketball, track, and volleyball. I started when I was really young in basketball and volleyball and track I started in 8th grade. I’m a thrower, I just got into it and it was fun, it’s a competitive sport but also individual so it helps me on the court and in track.


Were you given any advice that you have stuck with while playing?

Just to keep my head up and to keep fighting, its sounds dumb but its meaningful.


Do you have any advice for people who want to join a sport?

If you want to join a sport I would say to try it because you will never know what could happen. I’ve made lifelong friends through all my sports and that’s the best part about it so I will take that with me.


Have you gone through any struggles while playing?

With track and it being an individual sport, my sophomore year I got hurt so I to come back from it and my junior year was a really good year, My sophomore year was a hard bump in the road so i just persevered and worked hard and got through my injuries.


Do you have any memorable moments from the season?

We’ve won a lot through Everest and my most memorable moment was taking second at the state for discus which was pretty cool. I got to stand up on the podium in front of a lot of people which was pretty awesome.


Do you plan to play in the future while at college?

Yes, i’m competing in track and field at UND [University of North Dakota] so I will be doing that on an athletic scholarship.


How do you think the season went overall?

Volleyball went great because we made it to the sectional finals game, but we lost to a really great team. Basketball was a really fun season because we played a lot and we just came up short but it was still a fun season and we were a good team while it lasted. Track I hope it goes well, I hope we can make it to the state meet but it’s not over yet.


What do you think the team dynamic is like?

It pretty good, there are a lot of seniors so we have been close friends forever. I’ve known them since fourth grade in our little league team for volleyball or whatever you call it. It’s really cool cause we all get together with the underclass mewn and they are cool and we all get along so it’s nice.  


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