Diversity between generations

In each generations, there are different perceptions and perspectives of generations. Photo from connectcollaboratecreate.com

In each generations, there are different perceptions and perspectives of generations. Photo from connectcollaboratecreate.com

McKayla Hackman

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What is it and why is it important?

Diversity is the state of being diverse or different. For example let’s look at the many generations that exist in the world today.

Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generations X,Y, and Z. Diversity within each of the generations is something that all people must accept and understand.

As veterans were said to have grown up between 1925 and 1942, they grew up through 2 wars, and the Great Depression which surely shapes the way each and every one of them lives their lives today.

Veterans respect authority, good work ethic, and commitment.

When a Veteran comes in contact with a person from a different generation, it may be hard for them to understand the lifestyle of somebody of Generation X or Y.

For many, adapting and understanding different generations can be difficult.

“Things that made me scratch my head were certain trends that were becoming popular for my son’s in the 90’s. (Generation Y’ers) A lot of the fashion was really weird for me to wrap my head around,” said Marco Higuera, a generation Baby Boomer.

“I am a part of the Baby Boomer generation by one year. I was born in 1964 so I am right at the end of the spectrum,” said Higuera. “What I think is funny is, I am nothing like Baby Boomers.”

“Many older generations are known for being stubborn and more set in their ways. Something that has always bothered me about my generation is the racism that they still hold after all these years,” said Higuera.

It is important to be understanding of other generations because the era that people grow up in has a huge effect on their problem solving and thought processing.

“Communication with younger generations has always been easy for me because I think I have always been naturally more immature and childish at heart. I love watching the way younger kids analyze things and come up with solutions,”

Personally, I think that the diversity shown in the workforce is the main way that diversity is experienced. By simply having an older boss, there will be different point of view and different work ethics.

In an article from Human Resources of New Zealand, it is said that Veterans often believe in good work ethic and lifetime employment. By simply having an older boss, it can be hard to come to agreeance with one another.  

Higuera explains his experiences with diversity working in the culinary workforce.

“In my field of work, it is important to know how others eat. I have noticed that younger kids are more experimental and open to new foods more than older adults. I think the main reason for this is the faster lifestyle that teens live nowadays.”

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