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“The Shadowy Thing” is a children’s book that depicts a young child’s journey through depression, ultimately leading to “getting their sunshine back.”

D.C. Everest Senior Elly Eckert who wrote, illustrated, and published the children’s book titled “The Shadowy Thing”, describes the book as something more than a silly children’s book.

“Since I was a kid, I have always kind of struggled with anxiety and depression. I decided when I took the Creative Writing II class, and was able to write a book, I would write a children’s book. I combined drawing and writing,” said Eckert.

Page by page, Eckert’s book came to life.

“Writing the words was the easiest part,” Eckert said. “For majority of the pages I would think of the pictures I would want to draw, and then after I drew it, I would think of the words then.”

As for publishing, it was just a matter of formatting it and sending it to the printing company, Eckert said.

Enrolling in the Creative Writing II class does require you to create a book, but not necessarily publish it.

When it comes time to publish, you do not have to, but everyone is encouraged to, said Eckert.

“I was encouraged to [publish my story] because it was kind of the first type of children’s book that the class had ever made, so Mr. Cepress [English Teacher and Creative Writing Advisor] had really wanted to see it go through to publish,” said Eckert.

Even though the class ended for Eckert, she is already in the process of writing another book.

“I am writing another one. It is going to be called ‘The Three Butterflies’ and it is going to be about anxiety,” Eckert said.

“The Shadowy Thing” is available to be purchased on or by Mr. Cepress in the Creative Writing room.

“It definitely taught me that publishing a book is a lot more work than people think,” said Eckert.

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