Girls basketball donates to those in need

Yingyee Xiong

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During the D. C. Everest Girls Basketball competition against Wausau West on Dec. 19, the D.C. Everest Girls Basketball Team donated shoes and socks for those in need.

The D.C. Everest Girls Basketball Team partnered up with a nonprofit organization called Hearts of Hope, which is “dedicated to helping those suffering from illness, trauma or loss by offering healing and gestures of comfort, hope, and love,” written on their page.

“The charity called and reached out to us about it first,” Mr. Matthew Bullis, the coach of the D.C. Everest Girls Basketball Team, said. “That’s how it started.”

Hearts of Hope exists within local churches. They keep what is donated on shelves for those in need.

It was the first year that the D.C. Everest Girls Basketball Team partnered up with the charity. Their goal was to stock the shelves at the charity so that they could distribute socks and shoes for children in need.

“If, say, a student needed new socks or new shoes, one of the D.C. Everest guidance counselors would contact that charity [Hearts of Hope] for a pair of shoes or socks,” Coach Bullis said.

The criteria for donating socks were that they had no holes and were new. For shoes, they had to be unworn or still in good condition.

The D.C. Everest Girls Basketball Team’s goal was to donate five hundred pairs of socks and one hundred pairs of shoes.

“We ended donating five hundred pairs of socks, but only thirty five to forty pairs of shoes,” Coach Bullis said.

To help get the word out, the girls told their friends and family about their involvement and  much it would help their community. When community members walked in to the game, they would drop off their donations at the front door.

“One thing I like is how the event directly helped our district, such as the people that we walk the hallways with everyday,” Natalie Mohring, Senior, team captain of the D.C. Everest Girls Basketball Team, said. “I feel really grateful that our community was able to come together and help others in need. It’s not everyday that a community is so willing do something for others that truly need it.”

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