Dyed Hair Expresses One’s Individuality

Hair dye has been used to express one's individuality. Photo from http://obeliscosmetics.net

Hair dye has been used to express one's individuality. Photo from http://obeliscosmetics.net

Samantha Baltzell, Production Manager

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Stereotypes run our nation. Blonde haired people are “dumb,” brunettes are “sophisticated,” redheads are “feisty,” people with black hair are “mysterious,” and people with colored hair ar “rebels”.

In truth, hair color has absolutely nothing to do with how smart people are or what their personality is like, despite what the stereotypes are.

Ilana Benzaquen, D.C. Everest Senior High School Junior, has dyed her hair multiple colors.

“I want to stand out,” said Benzaquen. “I want to do something different with myself so that I don’t look the same as everyone else.”

People will try to enforce that “first impressions matter” which is true, but that first impression should not be based on hair color, just as it shouldn’t be based off your skin or eye color. This situation is also the same with tattoos.

Everyone may be born with one hair color, but coloring hair gives an opportunity to express ourselves. Why would we not take advantage of it? It’s a form of expression. Unfortunately, judgement is a popular thing which brings in the issue of stereotypes.

“I feel like people try to stray away from people that have dyed hair,” said Benzaquen. “It’s almost like they think they’re abnormal.”

Natural hair is beautiful, but so is colored hair. Changing it isn’t a big deal. Highlights are a great alternative to people that aren’t comfortable with dying their whole head. The lighter streaks, or darker ones, are beautiful just the same.

However, with beauty can come destruction. There are cases where dying your hair does not go right because of the bleaching process that comes before the color. Although this is a risk, the easiest way to get around that would be to go to a salon and have it done professionally. It’s not the most healthy thing for your hair, but it is not that bad either. The other downside is the cost of having your hair professionally dyed.

Changing your hair color is a good thing. It’s cute, expressive, and it’s a change. The thing about being a human is that you can change who you are and what you look like whenever you want.

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