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The Student News Site of D. C. Everest High School

The Jet

The Jet

Wax Melt
Wax Melt
Matti Engen February 6, 2023

An entrepreneur, employee and student at only 15, Kali Traska is her name. “It’s crazy that I’m a fifteen year old running a successful business,” Kali said. ...

Everest Library
February 2, 2023

This year the Everest Library has expanded its vast selection of books once again, adding over 100 new amazing books for students to choose from! With a decline in book usage...

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The Internet and Us
February 2, 2023

You had a breakdown the other day because you only owned skinny jeans. Your only hair ties were scrunchies, but that was out of style two years ago; you knew the end of the...

Victims of Addiction and the Need for Empathy
November 16, 2022

With feelings of ensuing stress and panic, students often look for a coping mechanism. Unfortunately, some students may turn to unhealthy coping strategies such as vaping,...

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McDonald's Teacher Night
Matti Engen February 2, 2023

Teachers working, and students teaching them, quite the reversal on the normal of teachers teaching students. This role reversal saw teachers...

ChatGPT: The New Calculator
Reagan Mischka February 1, 2023

OpenAI's ChatGPT has been making waves in the education sector, with many schools exploring the potential of this powerful language model to...

Separation of Church and State is how it Should Be
Ben Soehl, Reporter ♦ February 1, 2023

Religion and public schooling. These topics together often spark a serious debate on local and federal levels in an attempt to define where the border of religious education...

DeSantis-Trump Face Off
Noah Kienbaum February 1, 2023

Former President Donald Trump announced Nov. 15, 2022, at his Mar-a-Lago resort that he will seek re-election in 2024. This announcement was met with little to no surprise...

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